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Our team is ready to help you with your projects. We have the quality and IT skills to get you where you need to be.

On Time

On Time

We value our commitments to all our partners. Your time is our priority and we will hold up our end.

On Budget

On Budget

We thrive with what we’re given. Working with us means getting your IT needs taken care of within the set budget.

Yes, we are an IT Outsourcing Consultancy Firm. And yes, we´re worth your time.

We have the skills to scale, we just need your trust.

What We Do

IT Outsourcing

We work on getting the right fit for your team by recruiting the best IT talent.
With this service you’re saving time and resources that you can allocate to other areas of your company.

Whether you need one team member or a solution 100% adapted to a specific project, this is the service for you.
Outsourcing IT needs means focusing on your core business.


Having the right balance between quality and budget expectations can be tough to achieve.
When we think about the advantages of using a service like nearshore, it’s hard to focus on the good, when you have to consider all the logistics.

That’s why you have us. We do the heavy lifting to make sure your nearshore services are up to your standards, while managing your budget efficiently.

IT Services Management

To achieve success you need to make sure your standards are held high across all departments and structures. Knowing what you need and implementing it are very different challenges.

With this solution you can set the rules and we’ll ensure seamless management of all the services you wish to delegate. This way you can focus on your core business and we’ll guarantee that the guidelines you established are carried through.

Meet the Team


IT Recruitment Team

This is the team that gives us the confidence to say “we have the best talent”. They are the detectives that search endlessly to find the best IT talent on the market.


Management Team

Our Business Managers are the ones keeping all parties up and running. From consultants to clients, they make sure both sides are doing a good job and working to achieve the goals that have been set.


HR Team

Our HR Team manages our talent to ensure the physical and mental well-being for the whole team, while keeping everyone on their toes to hold our standards. Bureaucracy matters and they’re here for it.

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